How I can support you

I can support you as your birth doula in all birth scenarios including:

  • Home birth
  • Hospital birth or birthing centre
  • Waterbirth
  • Caesarean birth
  • VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)
  • Home birth following a previous hospital birth 
  • Twin births/multiples


Before Labour

Most women who hire a doula do so because they are hoping to have a natural birth, feel let down by the level of care they may have received at hospital or were left disappointed with their first birth experience. You may have been left alone while busy hospital midwives were caring for other women in labour. Or you may have more children now, and feel your husband may need to care for them. Perhaps you had a caesarean birth before and this time hope to have a natural birth, but feel you need some support.  If you are hoping for a natural birth, I can guide you through the process and we can discuss ways in which we can help you manage your labour. We can write your birth plan together and talk through the options of where you can have your baby, at home, in hospital or perhaps a birthing centre. I can support you regardless of where you decide to have your baby and can help you to understand your various medical and medicinal options. Hiring a doula provides continuity of care from someone you know and trust. And most importantly, someone you have chosen yourself, rather than meet on the day which is often the case these days.


During Labour

I will join you at your home during the early stages of labour and together with your partner ensure you are comfortable, using any techniques we have discussed. I can help you to determine when it's time to leave for the hospital or the birthing centre, or if a home birth when to call the midwife. I will remain by your side during labour and ensure your partner is free to help as much or as little you both choose. In most cases, it is asking a lot of your partner to try to support his wife or loved one, to be her protector and gatekeeper, and to stay in tune with the medical environment and carers, while he himself is going through a very emotive experience - seeing his partner in labour, and the birth of his baby. The doula's role is to work alongside and complement your birth partner and to take the pressure off of him so that he doesn't have to try to perform a multitude of roles, leaving him free to enjoy the experience as much as possible, and at a level he is comfortable with.


After Baby Arrives

I will remain by your side until baby arrives, and will then help you settle into your new family. I will help with any early breastfeeding and ensure you and your partner are both comfortable before I leave. I will also visit you again, usually the day after, and then again after approximately a week, to ensure you are feeling happy about your birth experience, and to help with any new baby questions you may have. I will also be available to you by e-mail and phone support for 4 weeks after your baby is born.


Studies have found that women who hire a doula experience a 50% reduction in the number of caesarean births, that they experience 25% shorter labours, a 60% reduction in the request for an epidural, and a 30% reduction in the need for forceps. Research also shows that women who had a doula have less anxiety and more confidence with their baby and their ability to mother.


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