Your Birth Doula

As Your Birth Doula I will support you during your pregnancy, labour and immediate postnatal period with:


A minimum of three antenatal meetings, usually more

In these meetings we will get to know your thoughts on birth and how you see things going. Discuss your birth options, pain relief and what options you feel comfortable with and may be open to. At least one of these meetings will need to include your birth partner. We will also talk through a birth plan. We can meet in your home, in my home or any place convenient for you. 


E-mail and phone support from the time you book me as your birth doula

For any questions or queries you have, feel anxious about anything, or just want to talk about babies!


I will be on call for you 24 hours a day from 2 weeks before your due date until baby is born

From 2 weeks before your due date and until baby is born, I will be on standby for you and will be in regular contact. We will talk as soon as you feel you may be in labour, I will then join you as soon as you need my support, and will be by your side throughout your labour, however long or short, and until your baby is born. I will remain with you for a few hours following the birth, to help with early breastfeeding, and will ensure you and your partner are comfortable before I leave you with your new family.


Two postnatal visits

I will usually visit you the day after baby is born to reflect on how you feel your birthing experience was, as well as help with any questions you may have on breastfeeding and all things related to newborns. I will then visit you again after 10 to 14 days to ensure you are feeling confident and happy with how everything is progressing with your new baby.


Fee - Please email me for current availability and fees


If you have any questions on how I can support you as your birth doula...

Please call me on 07825 130765 or contact me using this quick contact form.