Your Birth Options

In the UK we are extremely lucky in that we have a variety of choices available to us.


But being faced with lots of choice, and opinions, how do we know what's right for us? In Your Birth Options session we will run through all the choices available to you, and talk through the pros and cons, the highlights and the side effects of things that are relevant to your birth which may include:


  • Hospital birth - where to have your baby, what options you have and how to decide on the hospital of your choice
  • Homebirth - maybe you have thought about it, but aren't quite sure. We can run through any questions, the current statistics, and the practicalities of having your baby at home
  • Induction - the pros and cons
  • Pain relief - many of us know what the basic methods of pain relief are. In this session we can talk through the effects on both you and baby, so you can decide how to manage your labour


Following this session you should feel confident that your choices are based on evidence based options that work for you.


Fee - £75 - Individual Your Birth Options session of up to 3 hours



If you have any questions on how I can help you with your birth options...

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