Your Birth Preferences

We are often asked if we have our 'birth plan' ready when it comes to the later stages of pregnancy.


The truth is there is no such thing as being able to 'plan' the birth of your baby, as every single pregnancy and labour is different, even for the same woman. But we can put down on paper your hopes and intentions and this is largely what constitutes your birth preferences.


I will visit you and together we will run through your hopes for the birth of your baby, and record it in a practical, easy to follow format for your midwives or hospital team to use as an aide memoire of what you would like to have, or not have administered during the course of your labour, the birth of your baby, and the time immediately after.


By the end of this session, you will have a simple, easy to understand birth preferences document that states what is right for you when it comes to areas such as:

  • Intervention, when and what you are open to when you are in labour
  • Methods of pain relief you will consider and what you may want to avoid
  • The use of forceps, ventouse or administering an episiotomy
  • If you would like skin to skin with your baby 
  • When to cut the cord
  • Your thoughts on the 3rd stage of labour (delivery of the placenta)
  • Vitamin K injection or drops for your baby 


It is important to note again that having birth preferences informs and guides the midwives on your wishes and what options you would consider as your labour progresses, rather than forming a script that isn't to be deviated from. But by discussing and considering your thoughts on these options, you will be well informed of the pros and cons of each of them and any side effects, and be better equipped to make decisions if required, on the day. It can also help if your labour spans a change of shift of midwives. 


Fee - £65 - Individual Your Birth Preferences session lasting up to 2 hours



If you have any questions on how I can help you with your birth preferences...

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