Testimonials, Birth Stories & News - Many thanks to the parents who shared their thoughts and pictures below!


I always knew this mum would birth this baby so smoothly...and less than 2 hours after I arrived at their home, baby Alanna arrived in the comfort of their own bedroom, while her big brother slept soundly just down the corridor. This was such a special birth for me, as it was my first repeat client. I was at Alanna's big brother's birth three years ago. Such a total privilege to be invited back to share in the birth of a family of four.




She's here and she's perfect....




Ahhhh....mum looks so gorgeous, and baby is exactly where she needs to be, skin-to-skin and rooting around. 




Hands that welcome with so much love....




Skin-to-skin with daddy....has to be done!




Had a great first feed and now feeling v-e-r-y s-l-e-e-e-e-p-y.....with legs all tucked up in classic foetal pose!




I've arrived, and now I need a snooze... 




One sleepy baby after her amazing birth journey, having a rest on mum's tummy. Something so sweet about being draped over where she literally was a few hours before!


So even Batman himself would be 'super' excited at getting ready to meet his new baby sister yes? I was at this little superhero's homebirth exactly three years ago (see 'Baby Owen Arrives' at the bottom of this page!). And as we prepare to meet his new baby sister - a fun, family bump painting seemed like such a cool thing to do. Straight out of Marvel comics, BUMP painted in true comic Kapow style seemed the perfect storyline for this little Batman and his gorgeous mama.




Owen competes for some prime bump real estate, and gets painting...




Emma from Ta-Dah Faces working her magic.




Us talking about how neat this bump is! We are both so sure that her first baby bump with Owen was most definitely bigger. ;o)




One superhero waiting to love and protect his little sister on command.




I love this shot, with dad doing the laundry, or was it going through the birthing sheets, in the background. 




One seriously hot mama, waiting to meet her baby. Can you believe baby is due literally in a couple of weeks?!


Yes, this precious baby boy took 10 years to come along, and then decided he wanted to wait a full 17 days beyond his due date to be born! But does any of that matter when the result is a totally scrummy little boy. Already aware and alert way beyond his days, he really feels like such a blessing to everyone that meets him. Welcome baby Jai, you have been so very wanted and loved for so many years already - so pleased you are now here to receive it all in person! 




Hello baby....said one tired but happy mummy ;o)




A brand new father and son sharing a moment of total knowing and understanding already!




Soft downy hair on a perfect little head. And those inquisitive, searching little hands of a newborn looking for his mummy....




The look of pure joy on this dad's face is just priceless isn't it?...


Another gorgeous belly painting to celebrate a 'blooming' bump. This mum-to-be loved the idea of having a lotus flower, a symbol of so many things - birthing, her love of yoga, eastern philosophies, nature - the list is powerful stuff! The three lotus flowers are for mum, dad and baby. Not long to go now! Thank you again to the amazing Emma from Ta-Dah Faces for your great work (and pics taken by me!).






Time to sit back, relax, and let Emma get creative. Baby certainly liked being painted, as we saw some serious wriggling and jiggling as Emma painted away.






Only wish I had some gorgeous pics of my pregnant belly from my two babies. Most of mine are of me and my husband comparing the size of our bellies in the kitchen for fun. ;o)

A lotus each for mum, dad and baby. What a lovely way to celebrate the last few weeks of a beautiful bump, before baby arrives!...







So it was time to meet the bump painting from below...and it's a boy! Welcome to the world baby Dash. With the amazing work both your parents do, it's not surprising that this birth was indeed beautiful, but with just a touch of drama at the end! One thing's for sure, it's going to be SOOO much fun growing up in this house...!






That first magical kiss from mummy...






And a family is born. Pure joy at meeting the bump at last...






Yep, he's really, finally here!






Looking at my gorgeous mum....





Time for some skin-to-skin with daddy...and still looking at his gorgeous mummy.





Love this pic of dad's thumb next to baby Dash's entire hand....and the great expression on baby's face. His gorgeous eyes were moving from mum's face, to dad's face, taking them both in....


This is my gorgeous Sept 2012 birth client, who is an artist herself, and loved the idea of having her bump painted. My good friend Emma from Ta Dah Faces did the bump painting, and I did the photos...


It felt like such a great thing to do. I could almost imagine the sisterhood from many years ago all getting together to celebrate the baby bump and the journey to motherhood. We all had a great time! Here are some pics...


So if you are pregnant, and fancy having your bump painted or want to book a surprise pressie for a mum-to-be, get in touch! To see more photos click here.






Getting started....it seems like baby LOVED being painted! He or she followed Emma's brush around as she painted. I guess it must have been like having a feather light massage maybe?






We paused as baby moved and danced about. Look at how square the bump is at the top! It was just gorgeous to see....

This must be my favourite pic...really shows off a gorgeous baby bump. Now we just wait to meet him or her!

Fore more info look on the bump painting page. Or contact Emma from Ta Dah Faces on 07968 312011, contact me on 07825 130765 or use this quick contact form. Looking forward to posting more bump pics soon!


This little 'pickle' (mum and dad's nickname for her!) certainly made mum work hard for her arrival, but the result was a totally precious baby girl called Phoebe - born at home in water. Welcome to the world little one. You are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.


So I tried to choose a picture to say 'Welcome Phoebe' but there are so many gorgeous ones, I couldn't choose. Phoebe was the first birth I photographed for mum and dad using my new 'proper' camera. A Canon 40D and some flashy lenses.



Yes, your mummy is just too beautiful for words!!! Lucky girl...



Moments from that first golden hour...



Wide awake and ready for the world!



Holding daddy's hand...



Time to snuggle up in bed...



Gorgeous hair on a perfect little head...



Wrapped up in mummy's arms, the best place in the world to be...

It has taken me months to work out how to write a testimonial for Himalee, as I am still emotional when I think about my birth experience. For me - as for many women - I found it a tough but powerful experience, and it has left me fundamentally different- a strange but wonderful thing. Labour is an unusual event in a woman’s life: you are physically and mentally isolated, but in need of a strong team (no matter how small) behind you.


Before becoming pregnant with my little girl, I was physically quite restricted and shy. I have never been comfortable with physical activity when people were watching me. I have never been an expressive person: easily embarrassed about speaking in public; phobic about group exercise and terribly self-conscious. Obviously, none of these things are particularly conducive to an active, natural labour!


For me labour was a seismic shock: despite doing plenty of research and preparation, I was still overawed at what happened to my body. My labour was 46 hours with no food and very little sleep after three weeks of broken sleep. But as intense as it felt (and though there were inevitable low moments) there was no point when I felt truly out of control. I credit this to two things: Natal Hypnotherapy and Himalee.


Preparing for labour with Himalee was a dream: she confirmed everything we had planned, she gave us confidence that we wanted the right things, and she gave us wonderful knowledge that opened our eyes to a way of doing things that proved invaluable.


On the day of my labour, I can’t really tell you about the specifics of what Himalee did, she simply was. While I may have been the one doing the hard work, it was inextricably linked to her presence (and that of my husband). What I took away from my labour was the importance of the support that a woman receives. Himalee has the (beautiful) knack of doing an incredible amount of work without appearing to do anything at all. I know my husband could tell you much more about what she actually did on the day, but all I was aware of was her gentle presence. She gave me the confidence to access a power that I wasn’t aware that I had. She made me feel safe and she protected me. Simply put, she just made me a better me. I’m so grateful for the support that I received from her during my labour, and I know that I could not have achieved the labour that I wanted without her help.


Himalee helped me know and understand who I am. She helped me know that I was safe. She helped me locate an inner power that was intrinsically located within me. She respected my space, but stood close by. And for all those things, I am truly grateful and blessed.



Lovely baby Lula has some lovely skin to skin with mummy, after arriving a little earlier than we expected...And just a few days before mummy and daddy finish their new home. Could it be that strong Italian spirit is showing already?





Daddy has a cuddle with lovely Lula....Bellissima!




Dearest Himalee,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful support, invaluable information and, above all, friendship. The whole birth experience was so much better than we ever imagined it could be, and we're really going to miss our regular meetings. Hope we'll still be seeing you often.


The Civiero Family




Gorgeous baby Sacha arrives in the warmth of home sweet home, with snow still heavy on the ground outside. And arrived while his big brother slept peacefully overnight in the next room! What a perfect beginning to life as a family of four...

Hiring Himalee as our doula made me feel immediately more relaxed about labour. I had become very upset that my community midwives couldn’t tell me who might turn up to attend my homebirth. I was worried that it might be someone who was unsupportive of my wishes. I also didn’t want to have to communicate with a stranger while labouring. My contractions slowed down during my first labour when the midwife arrived. Through our meetings Himalee was very clear about what I wanted and I felt extremely relaxed that I would be free to labour undisturbed: confident that Himalee would deal with everything else.


My labour was extremely fast (no doubt due in part to being so relaxed about it through preparation with Himalee). So Himalee arrived at 4.30am and baby was born at 5.30am! Knowing she was here and would deal with everything enabled me to concentrate only on my labour and allowed my partner to stay with me and support me. Himalee went through the birth plan with the midwife and made sure that everyone could find what they needed. I was aware of her checking the room I was labouring in and making sure things were where they should be. Himalee also took photos of the birth which I will cherish forever.


In the time immediately after the birth, I needed stitches – so Himalee was invaluable in supporting me through the most painful part of the experience whilst my partner had skin to skin with baby. It really helped. I wouldn’t have wanted to have to do it alone. She then helped get me and baby settled into bed and cleared the room and tidied up.


For me, Himalee’s more ‘hands-off’ approach i.e. Michel Odent’s approach to labour was perfect. When she explained that her role was to protect my labour and create an oxytocin friendly/encouraging environment, I knew that a doula was what I wanted! I was not interested in being ‘coached’ during labour. She also helped me to realise how important it was to me that Dimitri was able to stay with me and support me undistracted.


I would definitely hire a doula again. I feel really lucky to have had Himalee’s support. Even though she was technically a trainee doula with Doula UK, she had quite a lot of experience and this was reflected in her calmness and confidence.  I was only able to afford a trainee doula, but my experience has been an extremely positive one. I had a very relaxed 3.5 hour labour and homebirth. Drug-free. Perfect!







Baby Sebastian arrives with plenty of time for Christmas! And in time to help celebrate Mummy's birthday. 




And it's daddy who notices that Sebastian has the same dimple as his mum!



At just 5lbs 4oz and cute as a button, we all thought this baby looked like the real life version of that famous doll - baby Annabel. And now mummy and daddy have decided to name her exactly that - Annabel!

After the initial shock and excitement of finding out that my wife and I were going to have a baby, my wife in true wife-fashion started planning and reading up on pregnancy and birth. Being the bog standard kind of guy that I am, I just assumed that when a woman gets pregnant she: 1. gets pregnant 2. bump gets bigger, 3. craves food she would normally hate, 4.throws up every morning, 5.Goes to hospital, 6. has baby. Oh boy...was I to find out how wrong I was...

A few weeks later she approached me with the idea of having a home birth. My first reaction was "NO WAY!" I had just spent the last 6 months solid, renovating our house and had virtually just finished it. The thought of all that mess getting on my new wood floor that took me two weeks of back ache, pain and tears was just unthinkable. A few weeks later we then went to have our first scan in hospital and were seen by the single most unenthusiastic nurse you could imagine. It put a real downer on what was a very special moment in both our lives. Couple that with the horrible atmosphere and dirty hospital, I walked out of there thinking maybe a home birth was not such a bad idea! We then started our NCT classes and learned a lot more about home births. At this point my wife mentioned to me about having a doula. Not knowing what a doula was I was keen to find out.


That's when I met Himalee. My wife had worked with Himalee in the past, and was able to contact her to come and see us. We had our first meeting and straight from the start she was as excited as us! And filled me with confidence no end. Her knowledge was second to none, and she had clearly been present at a lot of home births. She also gave us the details of a home birth group which we attended. On our first meeting she arrived at 8pm and didn't leave until midnight as we all were chatting, we lost track of time! Straight away I knew I wanted Himalee with us on our special day.

As the day got closer I was getting more and more anxious. We ordered the pool, planned how to rearrange the house ready for B-day. Sam had one more meeting with Himalee and then it was time. The third meeting was booked for the Monday night to write up the birth plan but Sam had already gone into very early labour, a few weeks early, so Himalee came home and wrote it for us!


When labour kicked in further, we were in regular contact with Himalee via text message. She wanted to know how Sam was doing, how I was doing! How far apart and how regular contractions were - all the important stuff that I was concentrating on. Then I needed to go out for a couple of hours for work and I asked if she would come over and sit with Sam. Having to rearrange her day she was over to us within two hours and I went out.

When I got back I remember walking into the calmest, most relaxing environment I've ever been in. The lights were down low, we had some scented candles burning and gentle music on, it really struck me as I walked in. My wife even fell asleep during some contractions! I really remember that moment. I sat down to chat to Himalee as labour was clearly moving on. I noticed she was timing every contraction now. It was a great relief for me as we were nearing the end and Himalee was able to advise me when to contact midwives, when to inflate and fill the pool etc. All the stuff I wouldn't have had a clue with, she was watching and knew exactly what was happening.

We finally got Sam into the pool and about 30 minutes later the midwife turned up. Himalee went over and talked to the midwife giving her all the important info that I would never have remembered. The midwife wanted to examine Sam to see how far she was, to everyone's surprise baby was ready! And had been for a while. In a quick panic the midwife flapped about, got Sam ready and baby was out in three little pushes! Himalee noted the exact birth time and got some of the best photos of baby and all three of us to date.


Because baby Annabel was so small – just over 5lbs, the midwives wanted to transfer her in for a check up so we all made our way to hospital. Himalee stayed with us until about 4am when she wanted to go back to our house to tidy up! But we sent her home. We then spent an agonising 8 days in and out of hospital. A stark comparison from the perfect birth experience we had at home. Sam only used a little gas and air and a tens machine during labour and I think this is mostly due to the calming environment created and reassurance that Himalee gave to both of us throughout the pregnancy. 
When I met Himalee she was a doula, but now I consider her to be a special friend that was with Sam and I at the happiest moment in both of our lives, and will always be welcome in our home.
Greg, Sam & Annabel

Himalee...thank you thank you thank you! I can't quite put into words  how fantastic you were as our Doula and how happy I am you said yes, and agreed to be here. You gave Greg and I both the confidence to go for our homebirth and how wonderful it was... So lovely and boring and exactly as I imagined and hoped it could be, but until the time didn't quite believe it would be. You created the perfect atmopshere for giving birth in, and the quiet encouragement during it for it to be exactly what I had always hoped it could be and thanks to you, it was!  








Willkommen Waterbaby Tim! Born in a birthpool in the conservatory and with lots of lovely blonde hair - just like his mum!





A big hello to Herbie, born at home - an idyllic houseboat on an island in the Thames... Lucky boy!  Read more at: 


I must have been about thirteen when my debilitating fear of childbirth was formed. As part of our sex education classes at school we watched a film. It was all quite amusing until the birth part, which was so graphic that I passed out and came around to see everyone leaning over me. I sat up and vomited on myself. If this was a new weapon in the battle against teenage pregnancy, it worked on me. This episode instilled such a deep fear of childbirth that whenever the topic came up I’d start to hyperventilate and if I didn’t manage to control myself, I’d find myself dry retching over the toilet bowl.


So it was with much trepidation that my partner Barney and I became pregnant. At the beginning I was so taken up with the jubilation and delight at being pregnant that I managed to push the birth part to the back of my mind. But as the months rolled past, the hospital were asking questions about the type of birth I wanted and friends and family who knew my phobia, quietly enquired how I was to cope.


In the end we decided I should see a therapist. I explained my fears and we talked about this early school memory, recalling and immersing myself in the details. She then hypnotised me, and my mind turned a frightening experience into something to laugh about. It was as simple as that. By the time I reached home I had decided I wanted a natural home birth.


Thankfully Barney was fully behind me. As we were at 35 weeks by the time we had made our decision, we had a lot of organising to make this happen. We decided that we needed a Doula to support us throughout the birth, as this was a key recommendation from friends and family who had had home births. It took us a long time to finally find Himalee. We had searched the Doula database and had met with a number of people who just didn’t feel right. When we finally met Himalee we knew she was the one that we wanted to support us through our birth experience. She exuded a calm confidence and as she had had a fantastic first birth at home herself, she was hugely supportive of our plans. This was particularly encouraging given the negative comments that we’d received from sceptical friends, family and even Doctors.


Himalee supported us through the entire experience. She helped and advised us in all the details such as where to get the birth pool, support groups we could attend and books we could read. She also spent time with us explaining the whole process and working through any fears we both had.


The birth preparation progressed normally, and as is often the case, I became overdue. The Hospital kept trying to persuade us to be induced from very early on. Himalee spent a lot of time explaining the medical evidence, the associated risks and supported us in our decision to ask to go to a full 14 days past our due date before induction. After a morning sweep (the non-broom kind) and a day spent having very gentle painless contractions, I finally went into labour at about 8pm that evening. When I say I went into labour, the gentle contractions that I had been experiencing all day slowly became more and more intense. Himalee who had been on standby, arrived at the house when we felt things were picking up pace. As the contractions were getting quite strong Himalee showed me a number of positions that helped me to slow them down or increase them, as and when I was ready. This early period when my cervix was first opening was one of the hardest parts of the birth for me. The midwife arrived at the house at about 10pm. She checked me and thankfully told me that I was already at 6cm and able to get into the birth pool.


Getting into that pool was one of the most intensely gratifying experiences of my life. From the moment I submerged myself under the water, everything calmed down and I knew that I would be able to do it. My breathing came back under control and I felt able to relax and have the confidence to let my body take over. Whilst the two midwives (the second one had arrived shortly after the first), sat at the table doing the crossword, Himalee and Barney leant over the birth pool talking to me and supporting me through each contraction. As I got closer to the point of transition I started on the gas and air (which is bloody great by the way) and this combined with the birth pool made the whole experience manageable.


As the pool had slowed the labour down, at 1:45am the midwife asked if I could get out of the pool to check me. No sooner had I stepped out, the head began to crown. Herbie Hunter Girling was born at 2:04am on Monday 19th October 2009. The placenta was delivered without any problem and whilst we were all enjoying a glass of champagne. The next hour was spent in delight at what we had achieved as a team.


Himalee provided invaluable support and knowledge to our whole birth experience. If she hadn’t been there, I don’t believe we would have had the magical birth experience that we did...


Josie & Barney


Welcome to Baby Tom, who arrived on a perfect Friday evening at home, just in time to enjoy the weekend with his big sister...

I decided to hire a doula because I was planning a home birth and I wanted the reassurance a doula could bring. I had also read that the presence of a doula could lessen the need for pain relief. Also one of our community midwives recommended I hire one.


In the weeks before the birth, Himalee was a great resource. She provided me with information on health in pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. She gave me practical advice on how to plan a home birth as well as helping to prepare me (and my husband) mentally and emotionally for the event. We also discussed our options should something go wrong and we were no longer able to have our ideal birth.


Himalee arrived when I was in labour, and after running me a bath, made a ‘nest’ in our bedroom at the foot of the sofa, where I thought I would like to give birth. She ensured the room was dark, warm and atmospheric – candles were lit and aromatherapy oils used. During the second stage - as baby was being born, she held my hand and offered me much needed encouragement.


In the time immediately after giving birth, Himalee took some lovely photos of the three of us and made me a great cup of tea! Skin to skin contact was encouraged and help with breastfeeding was provided...


Himalee visited us the following day and brought with her the most delicious Thai curry! We talked through the events of the previous night and she gave me further help with breastfeeding. Would I have a doula again next time? Yes absolutely!




Baby Owen has a cuddle with mummy and daddy, after arriving at home in the wee hours of the morning. It may have been stormy and blustery outside, but it was all calm and peaceful indoors as we welcomed Owen to the world!

I decided to hire a doula for the additional support and continuity of care as I relocated during pregnancy. I also felt birth should be as natural as possible with minimal intervention in a nurtured environment.


Himalee was a fantastic support to both Gareth and I during our pregnancy and the safe delivery of Owen. Initially Gareth was unsure about having a doula, he had concerns about the invasion of an intimate experience but after our first appointment he realised that Himalee would be a valuable addition to our experience.


Himalee allowed open discussions about birth, the process and the myths, and allowed Gareth and I to decide what we both wanted for the birth. She allowed us to prepare for the birth with good information and a complete understanding of the importance of and how to encourage oxytocin. Himalee gave us practical advice about what to buy for baby, for labour, even which GP to register with in the area. During the meetings with Himalee, we became more and more confident about childbirth, until one day I broached the subject of a home birth with Gareth to find he had been thinking the same way.


Himalee supported us through the early stages of labour initially on the phone, and advised me when to get Gareth back home and when to call the midwife. I felt even more confident when Himalee arrived. She really was able to support both Gareth and I. After Owen was born, Himalee was great emotional support but also great practical help allowing Gareth and I to bond with Owen.  Along with the midwives the flat was tidied up and tea was made. All I had to do was get to know Owen and snuggle up with my two men!


The whole experience has been really positive and people have remarked that I was one of the most positive people they have spoken to regarding pregnancy and birth. Gareth has also loved the whole experience and can be heard saying to friends how homebirths are the way forward.


Postnatally,  it’s reassuring that Himalee is only a phone call away and I can ask any questions, no matter how trivial.  I would definitely hire a doula again next time, without a doubt. I think it is an essential support for both mum and dad-to-be.



A big welcome to baby James! Born on a Monday morning and in the beautiful comfort of his mum and dad's candle lit living room...

Himalee helped enormously to answer my many questions about the unknown quantity of labour, and In the process, allay my fears of labour, and give me the confidence to believe that this is a perfectly natural process which women’s bodies are designed to cope with and give me the confidence to opt for a home birth. It also helped my husband to open up and talk about labour, his role in the process, his worries about me and our baby's health and being a parent.


Himalee was simply amazing.  In my early labour, which started at about midnight, she was available as much as I needed by telephone and text.  She encouraged me to rest and relax and provided me with the reassurance which I needed to hear that all was well and she would be with me whenever I wanted her to be there.  By early morning (c02.30), Himalee had arrived at my house.  She provided a wonderful ‘halo effect’ to my labour – she was always there, gently supporting, guiding and encouraging but without being in the slightest bit intrusive.  She made me feel in control of what was happening and yet, in reality, all I was doing was concentrating on birthing my son as I knew that Himalee was in control of absolutely everything else – monitoring my contractions, contacting the mid-wives, waking my husband at the appropriate time, creating the appropriate ambiance at home (temperature, lighting, aroma), providing food and drink to everyone. One of the things which Himalee did which I hadn’t even considered during the planning of my labour, and which I now treasure, was to take photographs of my son with me and my husband in the first few precious moments after he was born. I simply wouldn’t ever consider going through another birth without her wonderful support on hand!


James's entry into the world was exactly what we had hoped for. This was only possible through the mentoring and care which Himalee provided throughout our wonderful experience. Thank you for all your support. You have been a very important part of our most life-changing of events. We hope, very much, that we will stay in touch.

With love,


Sarah, John & James





Why a rainbow for Rose? Because just as baby Rose was born, the whole world welcomed her with a beautiful rainbow outside! Lucky girl!

We hired Himalee as with a planned home (hypno) birth, we wanted to protect our birth with some back-up from a like-minded, supportive and knowledgeable person. It was great to have someone else on our team who was able to encourage and support us with our plans...gave us confidence. Plus she thinks of everything! Full of good advice and ideas to help things go well. Himalee was totally amazing and set us up to get labour going at home, which worked despite the stress of being given a time limit by the hospital to give birth in 48 hours because of my waters going and being pink. She contributed hugely to the start of labour which I managed naturally at home. Himalee had great ideas to assist labour to start, and was very encouraging while I was doing my thing. She supported us in making the difficult decision to have a caesarean when time ran out for me. She remained calm and ‘there’ at all times, which was such a comfort. It was reassuring for Pete when exhaustion set in to know he had back up. It was lovely to have a friendly presence there to reasssure me and congratulate us as Rose was born. She even brought Rose home from hospital for us as our car seat was not set up properly yet! Himalee is a natural born doula. She is brilliant...we can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You made Rose’s birth a wonderful experience

The Rogers Family


As soon as I met Himalee I knew that we would get on and that she would be a great support to me and my partner when labour came along.  She spent a lot of time with us both and gave me a lot of confidence about trying a VBAC even to the point where I asked about a home birth!  I even looked forward to it! Most of the labour was a blur of discomfort and denial but Himalee kept reminding me that I had choices and fielded a lot of questions from the midwives.  She was also a good support to my partner. Nothing went to plan but Himalee continued to encourage me and remind me of my choices, but supported me in my ultimate decision. Himalee stayed for a good time after my c-section and made sure baby and I were doing well and bonding and breastfeeding which was a great comfort.


(Pics - Gorgeous baby Guy having skin to skin with mummy and a BIG cuddle with daddy!)


I was 6 days overdue and had just had my show on the day I met Himalee. I really didn’t know that Doulas existed in the UK until I started researching it that day. And I felt a doula would give me reassurance and peace of mind knowing that I would be properly cared for whilst my daughter was cared for by my husband. When my husband and I met Himalee, we found her friendly, well informed and caring and hired her the same evening. With my first birth I felt down for a while, with this birth, it’s a lot different. I’m very relaxed about a lot of things because of Himalee. Because a woman was there with me, and Himalee knew what she was talking about....also the companionship of a caring woman during labour and the reassurance and encouragement Himalee gave me on my decision to try for a VBAC made a real difference, and she was often talking with the midwives without me even knowing about it. Himalee ensured there was calmness in the labour room, talked me though my options when I wasn’t sure what I should be doing, and always supported my decisions along the way even when things didn’t go as planned. Himalee was in theatre with me while my husband cared for our little girl, and she kept everything as calm as possible compared to my previous c-section which was chaotic. Even during surgery I felt really happy! Hiring a doula has made the transition from having one child to two much easier than expected. I really have enjoyed having Himalee as my Doula and would recommend her to other pregnant women.



It was really nice to have another person there as a sounding board, it meant a lot to me. Someone who was always with Yvonne - someone who cared, freed me up to be with our little girl. I would tell anyone having a baby to seriously consider having a doula... Himalee made the whole experience a lot more relaxed and enjoyable. Her involvement meant we had a relaxed atmosphere for the whole thing, which was really good and was just a huge help for us as a family.

Yvonne’s husband, Surrey - 2009



(Pic - waiting to meet baby in hospital...)



On 22nd April 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I had been through over 20 hours of labour, which as any woman who has had a baby will tell you is tough, but what made this experience great for me was Himalee... Himalee was with me every step of the way and understood my every need, encouraging and supporting, reminding me to allow my body to do what it is naturally designed to do. Her kindness and trust in me to birth my baby safely was unwavering even when I had lost that confidence in myself. She not only created a safe environment in my home for me to have the baby, she made me feel safe and secure with her expertise and her warm calming disposition. Through every contraction Himalee kept me focused on my breathing and encouraged me to ride each contraction like a wave.

Himalee not only looked after me she also made sure that my husband was involved and kept him busy doing practical tasks keeping his mind occupied. She took away my worry of how he was because I knew she was keeping an eye on him too and made him feel part of the process. She gave me an inner confidence that everything was going to be fine, even when the going got tough. I simply could not have gone through labour without her and would recommed any mum to have Himalee as a doula because she understands the physiological and emotional process of giving birth and supports the parents-to-be through this special event. The whole experience is still so real for me and I never want it to fade from my memory! I Will always be grateful to Himalee for looking after me so unconditionally.



I was nervous about Mandy having the baby at home, but talking to Himalee reassured me that if that is what Mandy wanted, having the baby at home was just as safe as having the baby at the hospital. Himalee was excellent throughout Mandy's labour and created a safe, comfortable space in our home for her to have the baby. Himalee's experience and knowledge of the birthing process was invaluble to me on the day, because as soon as I saw Mandy in pain all the antenatal training I had previously was out of the window. Himalee was able to support Mandy fantastically because she could relate to her, which I found reassuring. Himalee supported Mandy with the Natal hypnotherapy course that we had done and again I found this invaluable because I just wanted the pain to stop, but Himalee was able to keep Mandy focused.

I would recommed Himalee as a doula to any couple having a baby because she supports both parents through the birth process.

Mandy's husband


In an ideal world, everyone would have access to the support we had...I consider myself very lucky to have had the help, support and advice from Himalee throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of my little girl. It is so important to have someone to chat to and confide in who has been through it all themselves and can also provide that information objectively and with no agenda other than finding out the best way for you. I could speak to her about whatever was on my mind. Whether it be home births, choosing a hospital, pregnancy worries or breast feeding issues, Himalee will always listen and make suggestions. When I first fell pregnant, my husband and I quickly started doing our own research and hospital visits. The one thing we both agreed on quite quickly is that we wanted it to be as natural as possible, no intervention. After hearing Himalee's birth story I was inspired, but also scared - I didn't think I could do what Himalee did. But after talking to her (many times!) she kept on telling me that my body knows what to do, and all I have to do is trust it. I honestly started to believe this, and the fact that people have been doing this for generations! My birth experience was relatively quick and I kept thinking my body knows what to do and I should trust it - And I did. I went into labour honestly believing this, and I definitely still believe it today! 
I agreed to be induced, and it took a while for things to start..I was even told to go for a walk around the hospital so me and Himalee set off around the grounds! Your first birth can be a litle frightening, and having someone to hold my hand was a great comfort. My husband had never been at a birth, so it was invaluable having someone there who was there just for you, who knew what was normal and what wasn't. It's like having family around you. I eventually ended up with an emergency c-section as I developed a temperature and they found meconium in my waters. Having the additional support then for me was even more important, as I was quite groggy after surgery, and it was so nice to know that me and my husband weren't alone at that moment. I had to wait over 24 hours to meet my baby, and Himalee was there for me all that time.
There are no words to describe it, having someone who knows you well, with you each step of the way. It's much more than useful, it's a blessing...
I think the whole experience would have felt very, very lonely without Himalee, and having another female there made a very big difference. Hospitals frighten me anyway and Chamanthi's labour was quite long, it meant I could get a cup of coffee if I needed it or just get some air now and then, and know she was still with someone who knew her and would look after her. Even though we ended up having a c-section, it was all the more reason to have more support. It's the knowledge, or rather the feeling that knowing someone is there for you that makes a difference too. And after a c-section it makes having someone there for you even more important as you have to manage everything with the excitement of a newborn baby anyway, but after surgery. Both of us were able to relax because Himalee knew us so well and we knew she was there for us...however long it took.
Chamanthi's husband

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